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While you are out on bond awaiting your trial date, you have a measure of freedom that can prove intoxicating. You go out, enjoy the freedom you have and potentially do something you shouldn’t have, and law enforcement arrests you again. Does this new infraction affect your current bond, and if so, what are some of the implications moving forward?

Does A New Arrest Affect My Current Bond?

The good news in these situations is that the newest infraction does not affect your current bond. However, while it may not affect the current terms, you will need to go through the process again to get a new bond for the latest arrest. Each bond is a separate entity and requires a unique bond contract to get you out of jail before your court date. 

Does My Bail Bond Agency Know If I’m Arrested Again?

Police officers and the court system in Westmoreland County, PA, and the nearby areas do not have to inform the agency holding your current bail bond that you got taken into custody for an unrelated offense. You will have to go through the entire process again to be released from jail.

Potential Consequences Of A Re-Arrest

Simply because the two bonds are separate entities does not mean that your newest run-in with the law won’t affect your ability to make bail. The most impactful consequences occur if the two arrests occur in different counties. The different police departments are not responsible for getting you to court dates outside of their jurisdiction. If you miss a court date associated with the original bond, then it becomes forfeit, and you lose the money tied to that bond.

Can They Increase Bail?

While the most recent arrest may not impact the terms of the first bond, the bond associated with your current situation will be negatively affected. Being re-arrested while out on bond means that the judge on your case can identify you as a potential flight risk. In the event of that happening, the judge is within their rights to significantly increase your bail to either keep you in jail or be a more impactful reason to stay out of trouble before your next court date. 

What Happens If I’m Granted A Second Bail?

If you can still make bail under the new conditions, there are some essential things you want to consider to make this time more successful than the first. First, you need to adhere to the terms of your current bail agreement. By staying out of trouble and away from law enforcement, you stand a much better chance of receiving the funds you put up as collateral for the new bail back. 

Secondly, attend any court-mandated programs required for your bail and avoid associating with other criminals—it will reflect poorly on you and more than likely violate your bail agreement. Try to do everything in your power to toe the line until your next court date and avoid other encounters with law enforcement. 

Understand Your Bail Terms With Freedom Fast Bail Bonds!

Before entering a bail agreement, either your first one or second after breaking the terms of the first, understanding the conditions of the agreement remains critical. With the help of an experienced bail bond agency in the Armstrong County, PA area, you can take the time to understand what could violate the conditions of your bail agreement and keep yourself out of trouble. 

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