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You are making plans for your trial date, and what you plan to do during your time in between posting bail and appearing before a judge is often a crucial time for the accused. However, for them to be granted bail and begin to make the most of their time outside, you have to figure out what you’re going to use to cover that bail. Typically, you will need some form of collateral in place for higher value bails so you can cover the bail, and as long as you make your court-appointed hearings, you will get that collateral back. However, what kind of possessions qualify as collateral? Are there restrictions per PA bail bond guidelines in Indiana County that regulate what kind of items can be used? Does the type of bail affect what can be considered collateral? The following infographic provides a brief overview of what can be regarded as collateral for your bail bond:

Does the Type Of Bail Bond Affect What I Can Use as Collateral? 

The type of bond itself does not affect what kind of possessions you can use as collateral. However, the bail’s price and the bond will subsequently impact what type of possessions you’ll need to provide as collateral. For more severe cases, the court will set your bond at a corresponding price. While you can post a percentage of the bond and get out on your own when you go through a bail bond agency, they cover the entirety of the bond if you do not show up for a trial hearing. If the court rules that you require a monetary bond, you have to cover the bail’s entire cost before you are released from custody. In the event of a monetary bond, you can utilize a bail bond agent to help cover the monetary bond’s cost. However, you will have to provide the corresponding collateral to the bondsman to cover the cost.  

What Qualifies as Collateral

Bail bond agents have a bit of leeway as to what they consider collateral. Most agencies will accept high-value items such as home, car titles, recreational vehicles, jewelry, bank accounts, stocks, and other possessions that can meet the justification of equal value. The bails bondsman will hold your proposed collateral until your trial date. Once you appear for your day in court, the bond contract will be considered complete, and you will receive your collateral back in full. However, if you miss your court date and don’t immediately contact your bail bondsman to renew the bond contract, then you lose the property you used as collateral. 

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