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Misdemeanor and Felony Bail

Misdemeanor and Felony Bail in Pittsburgh, PA

Navigating Your Charges with Expert Bail Bond Services

Understanding the Difference: Felony vs. Misdemeanor

In the realm of criminal charges, the distinction between felony and misdemeanor offenses is significant, impacting bail amounts and legal outcomes. Felony charges encompass more serious crimes, such as aggravated assault and drug possession, potentially leading to extensive prison time and substantial fines for a felony conviction. On the other hand, misdemeanor charges involve less serious crimes like minor offenses and disorderly conduct, usually resulting in a lesser penalty in the case of misdemeanor conviction. Regardless of the charge, Freedom Fast Bail Bonds in Pittsburgh, PA, stands ready to assist with quick and comprehensive bail bond services.

Our Bail Bond Services in Pittsburgh, PA

Misdemeanor Bail Bonds

Facing a misdemeanor charge, from a simple assault to a third degree misdemeanor offense, can still result in significant bail amounts set by the court system. Our bail agents are expertly positioned to help you navigate the bail bond process, offering flexible payment plans and immediate assistance to secure your release. Located just around the corner from the municipal court, we ensure a rapid response for all your bail bond needs.

Felony Bail Bonds

Felony charges, including serious crimes under federal law like felony convictions for drug possession or violent crime, demand a more strategic approach to bail bonds. Our experienced bail bondsmen understand the complexities of posting bail for felony charges, ensuring you have the support needed to prepare for court appearances. Freedom Fast Bail Bonds prioritizes your freedom, enabling you to focus on a defense for your felony charge.

Comprehensive Support Beyond Bail Bonds

Our commitment extends beyond just providing bail bond services. Freedom Fast Bail Bonds is a resource for those navigating the court system, offering some advice, the implications of criminal charges, and the bail process. Serving Pittsburgh and the surrounding counties, we offer the cash and support you need, affirming our confidence in your future. Turn to Freedom Fast Bail Bonds for expert help when it comes to a large bail amount. We can help with all types of bonds, including:

Why Choose Freedom Fast Bail Bonds?

  • Immediate Assistance: A bail bondsman is ready to respond swiftly to your needs, ensuring minimal jail time.
  • Flexible Financing: Understanding the financial strain of bail, we offer manageable payment plans to ease the burden.
  • Legal System Guidance: With deep knowledge of the criminal justice system, our bail bond agents provide invaluable advice and support.

Areas We Serve

We offer services throughout the region, including the communities of:
  • Pittsburgh
  • Allegheny County
  • Beaver County
  • Lawrence County
  • Indiana County
  • Armstrong
  • Washington County
  • Westmoreland County

Contact Us Today

If you or a loved one is facing charges, from minor misdemeanor crimes to a third degree felony, Freedom Fast Bail Bonds is your first call for support. We believe in second chances and stand ready to back your future with our services. For a quick release and a more favorable outcome, contact us at (412) 368-5188 or visit our website for more information. Let us take the first step together towards securing your freedom and navigating the path ahead.

What people say?

A friend of mine was arrested and needed help with a bond. I called Freedom Fast and within 30 minutes he was on the street. Thank you to the polite and informative staff.
Diana Ruslander
Fast, friendly, reliable service. Went out of his way to assure me things would be done in a timely manner! Recommended if your in a situation and need help!
Shannon Pav