Misdemeanor & Felony Bail


You may have heard of misdemeanors and felonies, especially if you watch the news or know people that have gotten in trouble with the law before. Essentially, a misdemeanor is a minor crime and a felony is something more serious, but this is a very simplified explanation. Felony bond is usually more costly than misdemeanor bail, due to the seriousness of the charges laid out. The actual legal ramifications of a charge can vary greatly, no matter what it is, but we are here to help regardless of whether you need a misdemeanor or felony bail in Pittsburgh, PA. At Freedom Fast Bail Bonds, we are able to handle bonds in both types. We serve Pittsburgh, PA and all the counties near it. We are located near the municipal court too, so we are right around the corner when you need us. Although we can help you with a misdemeanor or felony bail in Pittsburgh, PA, we are also able to provide large bonds too. We know that there are so many things that can happen and it is easy to find yourself in a position where you are in need of bail. We know you want to know when you can go home. When we help you, in many cases, we can get you home quickly and efficiently. We just need your information and for you to fill out a few forms. We can figure out a plan for payment that will benefit everyone and allow you to be at home with your family while you wait for your trial. Give us a call at (412) 368-5188 today.

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No matter if you need bail for a misdemeanor or felony bail, we have helped many in the area get the aid that they need. You may have been arrested when you were not prepared to go anywhere or were picked up on a warrant. Regardless of the circumstances, we will treat you fairly. We know how it is to have a bad day. If you want to know how much bail will cost, we can provide you with those answers too. Freedom Fast Bail Bonds will help you and your family members out, as we ascertain how to get you bonded out and assess your financial situation. We have agents that can help you 24 hours a day, meaning there is never a bad time to call (412) 368-5188. Choosing us to help you will give you a lot less to worry about and we can offer you a misdemeanor or felony bail in Pittsburgh, PA.

What people say?

A friend of mine was arrested and needed help with a bond. I called Freedom Fast and within 30 minutes he was on the street. Thank you to the polite and informative staff.
Diana Ruslander
Fast, friendly, reliable service. Went out of his way to assure me things would be done in a timely manner! Recommended if your in a situation and need help!
Shannon Pav