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Weapons Violations Bail

Possession of A Weapon

Weapon Violation Bail in Pittsburgh, PA

Weapons Violations Bail

Pennsylvania has strict weapons laws designating numerous regulations and offenses regarding firearms and other types of weapons. If you own firearms or have firearms in your possession, not staying on top of constantly changing gun laws in PA could inadvertently land you in jail. When they need fast, dependable weapons violations bail, Pittsburgh PA residents know they can rely on Freedom Fast Bail for prompt assistance, 24/7.

Carrying A Firearm Without A License in Pennsylvania

FAQs Regarding Possession of a Weapon in Pittsburgh, PA


Do You Have to Register Firearms in PA?

No. PA gun laws state that police departments or government agencies are not permitted to keep registries of firearm owners. However, handgun transfers in PA must be processed through the PA Instant Check System to allow the PA State Patrol to keep track of handgun sales. Because this database is not considered a complete record of gun ownership in PA, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has ruled this Instant Check System does not violate state laws.

Is Carrying a Firearm Without a License in Pennsylvania Against the Law?

Yes. You cannot carry a firearm in your car or conceal carry a firearm while out in public without first obtaining a license to carry and/or conceal carry. Be aware that there is a state law mandating gun owners must have a license to open carry in Philadelphia, which has been deemed a “city of the first class.” Pittsburgh is not considered a “city of the first class.”

When Is Possessing a Firearm Illegal in PA?

You may be arrested and need weapon violation bail services if you are found by law enforcement to be:

  • In possession of a weapon while committing crimes
  • In possession of a weapon following a DUI or other felony conviction
  • In possession of a weapon if you are under 21 (you can be 18 years old and legally purchase a long gun)
  • In possession of a weapon while on school property (public, private and higher education)
  • In possession of a weapon if you have been issued a restraining order
  • In possession of firearms that you or someone else converted into automatic weapons

You could be charged with a third-degree felony in PA if you are found in possession of a concealed weapon without having a license to conceal carry. Third-degree felonies in PA carry a maximum $15,000 fine and up to seven years in state prison.

Who Is Not Allowed to Own Firearms in PA?

In addition to felons, individuals convicted of specific crimes are not permitted under the law to own or carry weapons in PA. People who have a history of mental illness and undocumented immigrants cannot legally own weapons in Pennsylvania. Individuals falling under these categories convicted of illegal gun ownership could face a second-degree felony conviction carrying $25,000 in fines and ten years in prison.

When You Need Bail for a Weapon Violation in Pittsburgh PA, Call Freedom Fast Bail Today

Our Pittsburgh bail bonds agency specializes in getting people out of jail fast, informing them what to expect next in the bail process, and ensuring they get back home ASAP. We help individuals arrested on firearms charges post bail 24/7, regardless of whether it’s a holiday or weekend. Freedom Fast Bail also has an online bail payment portal where you can pay a weapon violation bail without delay.

If you or someone you know is in jail on a weapon violation charge, misdemeanor, or anything in between in and around Pittsburgh, PA, call us at (412) 368-5188 for immediate assistance. Don’t spend another hour in jail when you don’t have to. We can handle large bail amounts and answer the phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


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