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Defendants who don’t have enough money to pay bail have the option to pursue bail bonds that they can pay back at a later date. This is a fantastic option for individuals who wish to get out of jail so they can resume their lives and see their families — but if they fail to pay back their bail bonds, it can cause even more problems. To learn more, here’s an overview of what happens if you don’t pay your bail bondsman and what consequences you can expect.

How Will Bail Bond Companies React When A Client Doesn’t Pay?

When you sign a bail bondsman’s contract, you’re fully liable to pay the full amount of bail in addition to their fee — in other words, you’ve created a binding agreement with the bond company. Regardless of what happens in court, you will always have a liability to make your payment to them. Even an innocent verdict for the defendant still requires you to fulfill your end of the bond contract. Should you fail or refuse to pay their fee for any reason, it will violate your agreement.

If you don’t pay the predetermined bail amount and fail to meet your end of the agreement, your bond company has every right to revoke your bond. As they don’t have to take responsibility for you anymore, they’re allowed to arrest you without a warrant and bring you to jail. Trying to flee and escape from your bail bondsman to evade arrest won’t work either — they’ll hire a bounty hunter to find you instead. Either way, you’ll be going to jail when you don’t pay a bail bond.

What Are the Consequences of Not Paying Bail Bonds?

Although failing to pay bail bonds isn’t a criminal offense, it is considered a civil offense. Your bond company has the right to bring you to civil court and demand payment, no matter why you were unable to pay bail. Bail bondsmen can also sue you for any late fees in addition to other financial penalties. Even if you are assisting another person in receiving bail, you still have a duty to uphold your contractual agreements with the bond company.

As mentioned earlier, failure to pay a premium for your bonds can result in jail time. You can expect to stay in jail for a month or more. Ultimately, the total duration of your jail time can depend on the court date. Even when the verdict is finally reached at the proceedings, you may still have to stay in jail. Not to mention, the bail itself will be revoked after the bondsmen are no longer responsible for you.

However, failing to pay bail bonds can have even further repercussions, as actually getting out of jail will become much more challenging than it was previously. While you’ll still be able to opt for a new bond agent, you’ll now have to contend with your new record. A bondsman will be wary of working with someone who has a history of neglecting to pay their bond premiums and will be less likely to make an agreement with you.

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