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Terms & Conditions

Conditions of Bond:

  • The Surety, as bail, shall have control and jurisdiction over the principal during the term for which the bond is executed and shall have the right to apprehend, arrest and surrender the principal to the proper officials at any time as provided by law.
  • In the event surrender of principal is made prior to the time set for principal’s appearances, and for reason other than as enumerated below, then payee shall be entitled to a refund of the bond premium.
  • It is understood and agreed that the happening of any one of the following events shall constitute a breach of principals obligation to the surety hereunder, and the surety shall have the right to forthwith apprehend, arrest and surrender principal, and principal shall have no right to any refund of premium whatsoever. Said events which shall constitute a breach of principal’s obligations hereunder:
    • If the principal shall depart the jurisdiction of the court without the written consent of the court and the surety or its Agent.
    • If principal shall move from one address to another without notifying the surety or its Agent in writing prior to said move.
    • If principal shall commit any act which shall constitute reasonable evidence of principal’s intention to cause a forfeiture if said bone.
    • If principal is arrested and incarcerated for any other offense other than a minor traffic violation.
    • If principal shall make any material false statement in the application.