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If you are arrested for an offense, the only way to avoid a lengthy stay in jail as you wait for the case to be decided is to seek bail. A bail bond guarantees the court that the defendant will appear in court during hearings. Should the defendant fail to appear, they lose the bail amount. Bailing a friend or a loved one can be expensive, and the question of whether you will get your amount is common.

We will look at the bail options available for you and how to get back your money:

Surety Bail

You can seek a bail agent’s help to write a surety bond and manage the defendant’s court attendance. Surety bonds are cheap since you’ll only pay a percentage of the whole bail amount, often referred to as bail premium. However, the bail bond premium you pay to the bail agent is non-refundable. Ideally, the premium is the fee that the bail bond agents charge for their services.

Cash Bail

Cash bail amounts paid to courts are only refundable if the defendant meets all court conditions, including making all required court appearances. If the person breaks court-sanctioned rules or fails to appear before a court when needed, you risk forfeiting the amount you paid. Besides, should the defendant be arrested again while out on bail, they will not receive the bail amount granted before. However, if a favorable ruling is given that finds the defendant not guilty, the bond will be discharged. Likewise, the court will release the bond at the time of sentencing if the defendant pleads guilty.

Property Bond

You can also secure the freedom of the defendant using a property bond. In essence, this means you are exchanging your assets’ real value with the defendant’s release. A property bond works like a cash bail, and where the defendant fails to show up for court hearings, the court seizes the property.

Bail Refund Procedure

The return procedures and conditions depend on the type of bond that you posted. The bond can be refunded if the defendant appears in all the court proceedings. Depending on the jurisdiction, the conditions for bond refund may include:

How Long Will It Take Before I Receive the Bail Bond Money?

You cannot receive your refundable bail money until the case has been determined and the defendant is released or proven guilty. Notably, you will get the refund in the form of cash or a check.

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