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Just because you have been arrested does not mean you should have to sit in jail for days and days. In many cases, you are eligible for bail bonds, which sometimes allows you to get out as soon as possible. If you’re interested in bail bonds in Pittsburgh, PA rely on Freedom Fast Bail Bonds for help! We’re here for your call at (412) 368-5188!

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The Bond Process

Three Steps

When you’re thinking about obtaining bail bonds in Pittsburgh, PA it’s important to become familiar with the process. The bond process is easy to understand and isn’t overly complicated. When you trust Freedom Fast, there are only 3 steps to worry about.  

  • 1

    Step 1 involves giving us all the details you can about the defendant. This includes things like where they are, what they were arrested for, and other pertinent details. These things will help us find them and see what the judge is saying about their circumstances.

  • 2

    Step 2 includes filling out some documents, one of which will provide financial information. This helps us determine eligibility and the best way to set up a payment plan. We can work this part out in a way that will make everyone comfortable. We don’t want to put you in a financial bind. We even offer financial assistance for those who meet the requirements. Keep in mind that it is not really important who provides us with this information, as it can be the defendant themselves, or someone close to them. If you need a co-signer to put up the money for you, this is acceptable.

  • 3

    Step 3 is when we get to work. We will make calls, visit the jail, or whatever we have to do in order to get you released. We will also find out the specifics regarding your case, so we can be sure that we will be able to offer our support to you. If we are, we are capable of providing fast bail, which usually translates to a faster release.

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What Bail Bonds Do We Offer?

Types of Bonds

There are many types of bonds we work with. We can cover you with Drug Charges, Domestic Violence, Misdemeanor, Felony, and Weapons Violations bail. We are also specialized in offering large bonds. When it comes to most charges, even if the bail amount is expensive, it isn’t an issue for us. We have the capital to help you out when it is urgent. Each bondsman is able to assist you with these things and is experienced within the local system, where they know just how the process works. This is why we are able to offer 24/7 bail. Every bail agent is qualified and able to do his or her job effectively. We treat each client and prospective client with the respect they deserve. We can discuss all the details and make sure you know what to expect from us and what we expect from you. When it comes to our payment plans, we allow you to pay your bail online, meaning you can pay whenever it is suitable for you. To learn more, contact us about your bail bonds in Pittsburgh, PA.

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Where Can We Provide Bail Bonds?

Areas Served

We have been a fixture in providing bail bonds in Pittsburgh, PA and the community for years and serve all the surrounding counties. This includes Allegheny, Armstrong, Indiana, Washington, and Westmoreland counties. If you are in any of these areas, give us a call. We can answer all of your questions and provide you with all the particulars regarding jail bail.

When you find yourself in need of our services, we are one of the best places in the region to call. Not only do we provide results fast, but we can also give you all the advice you need to get you through the whole process. This includes recommendations on finding a lawyer if you need to and making sure you appear in court at the appointed time.  Contact Freedom Fast Bail Bonds at (412) 368-5188 today to see how we can help you and make your life a little bit easier.

Let Freedom Fast Bail Bonds assist you with your bail bonds in Pittsburgh, PA by calling (412) 368-5188 today for more information!