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During the lead-up to your trial, if you have the collateral, you can be out on a jail bond — more commonly known as bail — before taking the stand. The process of getting out on bail can be a confusing time for you as you attempt to get out and enjoy the fresh air before your trial. However, did you know that there are multiple types of bail bonds that you can utilize that best suits your current financial and judicial situation?

There are How Many Types of Bonds?!

When it comes to getting released on bail, you have a variety of options available to you based on your unique situation — and we can assist you with any of these bail bonds in the Westmoreland County, PA area. People can attain a surety, property, personal recognizance, and cash bond, each with their unique stipulations and qualifications before a person can use them. Under certain conditions, people can also qualify for a 1% bail bond- only paying 1% instead of the usual 10% paid for bail bonds. 

Surety Bond

A surety bond, commonly referred to as an unsecured bond, happens when you go to a bail bond agency and have them pay the full amount of the bond. They pay the bond under the assumption that you will pay the agency back in full once the judiciary process runs its course. Usually, the agency charges a premium to defendants to pay upfront to provide them with an added incentive to make their scheduled court appearances. 

Cash Bond

For this type of bond, the defendant must pay the full amount of the bond before being released on bail. Judges typically issue cash bonds to defendants that they consider a flight risk or a danger to the community. If the defendant does make their scheduled court appearances, the bond is forfeited and a warrant issued for their arrest. 

Personal Recognizance

This type of bond is rare due to the circumstances that need to be met first. A judge may release a defendant on full recognizance based on the level of trust that the defendant will neither run nor present a danger to the community based on their words and actions alone. They are responsible for getting themselves to their mandated court appearances but do not have to pay bail to the courts. 

Property Bond

To post this type of bail, the defendant must put up some form of property as collateral for the bond. Possessions such as cars, homes, or other pieces of personal property are all fair game for the defendant to use. If the defendant breaks the bond and misses court appearances, then the courts have the right to take ownership of the property and sell it as a means to recoup the cost of the bond. 

As a defendant looking at trying to get out on bail, knowing your options is critical to your future outlook. With Freedom Fast Bail Bonds, we can help you understand your options and help post your bail for you. If you or a loved one require assistance with bail bonds in Washington County, PA and the surrounding areas, contact our team today to learn more about our services!