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Now that you have done the hard part — securing your bail — the next step revolves around staying out of trouble while you are out on bail. In the lead-up to your trial date, avoiding the additional risk of compounding your situation becomes a critical concern. Any further trouble can violate your bond and result in your returning to prison and losing out on the collateral you put down. 

While it may seem obvious that you should stay out of trouble while you await your trial, there are still ways for you to get into trouble. Here’s what you need to know as you wait for your trial date. 

Know Your Bond Conditions

While the content and bail amounts are different from case to case, your lawyer, the bail bond company and the court still have to explicitly explain the conditions of your bond. These conditions constitute what you have to do (or not do) while on the bond to avoid further repercussions. 

Based on the offense in question, these bond conditions tend to include: 

Depending on the nature of your upcoming case, the judge can add additional conditions to your bond that you must abide by to maintain your freedom before your forthcoming criminal case. One bond condition stays consistent across all bonds, and failure to adhere to this one results in a bad day for the defendants — you have to show up for your court dates. 

What Happens if I Violate These Conditions?

For most bond conditions, failure to appear in court results in the immediate revocation of your bail by the court system. Once that happens, it signals to law enforcement and bounty hunters that you are ready to be brought in. Violation of the conditions of your bond can result in the judge revoking it and throwing you back into jail. 

At that point, you lose out on the collateral you used for the original bond and would have to seek another one to see the outside world before the trial. The defendant must pay the remainder of the original bond and see additional bond conditions and increased bail amounts when they try for a second bond. 

Staying Out of Trouble

Understanding the conditions of your felony or misdemeanor bail bond can help you stay out of trouble before your upcoming trial date. The best ways to avoid running afoul of your bond is to refrain from drug and alcohol use, revisit the old haunts that got you into trouble to begin with and minimize your status as a flight risk. Maintaining these conditions can help you get to your trial date and focus on proving your case in a court of law. 

If you need additional information on how to stay out of trouble while you’re on bail or need a trusted source to post fast bail in Washington County, PA, and nearby areas, Freedom Fast Bail Bonds is here to help! Contact the Freedom Fast team to set up your first appointment with us today!