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Can You Refund a Bail Bond?

Depending on the situation, paying bail can help bring a loved one out of jail quickly — but do you get bail money back? Given how expensive it can be to pay bail bondsmen, many wonder whether or not it is possible to receive a refund. Let’s review whether or not a bail refund is […]

How Technology Is Changing the Bail Bond Industry

The world of bail bonds, once entrenched in traditional methodologies, is undergoing a seismic transformation propelled by technological advancements. This shift is revolutionizing the way bail bond agents operate, altering processes and enhancing accessibility for defendants and their families. Let’s explore the profound ways in which technology is reshaping the bail bond landscape.

How Can I Find Out if I Have a Warrant for My Arrest?

a pair of hand cuffs on top of an arrest warrant form

When a judge authorizes law enforcement agencies to arrest someone, they’ll issue a document known as an arrest warrant. While being issued an arrest warrant does not automatically mean you are guilty of a crime, police officers can still arrest you. Therefore, it’s in your best interests to determine whether or not you have an […]

Can You Have Your Drug Charges Expunged by a Judge?

Female judge hearing the case for expunging drug charges

Pennsylvanians with drug charges on their record face an uphill battle trying to find a job, get a bank loan or do several things that most people take for granted. Your criminal record will follow you and make it significantly more difficult to live your life on the straight and narrow. However, hope is not […]

The Person You Cosigned for Jumped Bail — Now What?

A judge's gavel resting on pages from a calendar.

If someone you care about reaches out to you saying that they’ve been arrested and need your help posting bail, you are well within your means to do so. Once you co-sign the bond, however, what the person who has been arrested does is partially your responsibility as well, as you verified that they could […]