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How Can I Find Out if I Have a Warrant for My Arrest?

a pair of hand cuffs on top of an arrest warrant form

When a judge authorizes law enforcement agencies to arrest someone, they’ll issue a document known as an arrest warrant. While being issued an arrest warrant does not automatically mean you are guilty of a crime, police officers can still arrest you. Therefore, it’s in your best interests to determine whether or not you have an […]

What Happens if You Don’t Pay Your Bondsman?

a jar of coins and a gavel

Defendants who don’t have enough money to pay bail have the option to pursue bail bonds that they can pay back at a later date. This is a fantastic option for individuals who wish to get out of jail so they can resume their lives and see their families — but if they fail to […]

Will I Go to Jail for a First-Time Domestic Violence Conviction?

A statue of Lady Justice

In the Pennsylvania legal system, domestic violence occupies a complex area of the law that requires a delicate touch. Unlike other offenses, it’s not classified as a specific crime by itself. Most times, it will get attached to another crime that helps police, prosecutors, and eventually, juries determine what kind of criminal penalty exists. When […]

Can You Have Your Drug Charges Expunged by a Judge?

Female judge hearing the case for expunging drug charges

Pennsylvanians with drug charges on their record face an uphill battle trying to find a job, get a bank loan or do several things that most people take for granted. Your criminal record will follow you and make it significantly more difficult to live your life on the straight and narrow. However, hope is not […]

What Happens When Your Bail Has Been Forfeited?

Gavel, money, and open handcuffs on a table

If you’ve ever been arrested, you’ve most likely come across the concept of a bail bond, and if you’ve ever had to look for bail bonds in Allegheny County, you probably heard about bail forfeiture. The process leading to bail forfeiture starts the minute you get arrested, and many defendants find themselves in a situation […]

The Person You Cosigned for Jumped Bail — Now What?

A judge's gavel resting on pages from a calendar.

If someone you care about reaches out to you saying that they’ve been arrested and need your help posting bail, you are well within your means to do so. Once you co-sign the bond, however, what the person who has been arrested does is partially your responsibility as well, as you verified that they could […]

How Can I Expedite My Bail Bond Process?

Shadow of a man thinking about the bail bond process

Let’s face it; nobody wants to be sitting around in a jail cell awaiting trial, especially if you believe yourself to be innocent or have never been arrested prior to this incident. However, this is the position that you are likely finding yourself in, and now it’s time to determine how you can post bail […]

How to Stay Safe — And Out of Trouble — While Out on Bond

Another day in court

Now that you have done the hard part — securing your bail — the next step revolves around staying out of trouble while you are out on bail. In the lead-up to your trial date, avoiding the additional risk of compounding your situation becomes a critical concern. Any further trouble can violate your bond and […]

You’ve Just Been Arrested While Out on Bond — Now What?

A police officer holds the hands of a man in a plaid shirt behind his head while he bends over a car.

While you are out on bond awaiting your trial date, you have a measure of freedom that can prove intoxicating. You go out, enjoy the freedom you have and potentially do something you shouldn’t have, and law enforcement arrests you again. Does this new infraction affect your current bond, and if so, what are some […]

Can You Travel or Go on Vacation While You’re Out on Bail?

Person with luggage looking out the window watching a plane take off

Being arrested can derail even the dreamiest of vacations, leaving the accused wondering if they still have the right to head out on vacay despite their legal woes. The short answer is yes. If you’re out on bond (unless you’re specifically prohibited from leaving the area as a condition of your release), then you are […]