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You’ve Just Been Arrested While Out on Bond — Now What?

A police officer holds the hands of a man in a plaid shirt behind his head while he bends over a car.

While you are out on bond awaiting your trial date, you have a measure of freedom that can prove intoxicating. You go out, enjoy the freedom you have and potentially do something you shouldn’t have, and law enforcement arrests you again. Does this new infraction affect your current bond, and if so, what are some […]

Can You Travel or Go on Vacation While You’re Out on Bail?

Person with luggage looking out the window watching a plane take off

Being arrested can derail even the dreamiest of vacations, leaving the accused wondering if they still have the right to head out on vacay despite their legal woes. The short answer is yes. If you’re out on bond (unless you’re specifically prohibited from leaving the area as a condition of your release), then you are […]

The Top Reasons Your Bail Could Be Denied

Being arrested or watching someone you love being carted off to jail is frightening and frustrating. Luckily, most folks in Armstrong County, PA, and surrounding counties qualify to be bailed out of jail within a short period of time after being booked thanks to a cheap bail bondsman in their area. Still, not everyone is […]

What You Should Know Before Turning Yourself In To The Authorities

Person in handcuffs behind their back

When a warrant gets put out for your arrest, a slew of emotions runs through your head. Stress, anger, and confusion are only the tip of the emotional iceberg that you may feel in the aftermath. Now you can always wait for the authorities to come and get you, or you could decide to turn […]

What Happens If You Can’t Appear at Your Court Date?

Judge with a gavel sitting with an open law book and judgment scales in front of them

Life has a way of throwing curveballs our way that we can’t see coming; doubly so when you are out on bond and cannot make your scheduled court date. If you miss your day in court, you stare down a slew of undesirable scenarios that usually end in warrants, losing out on any collateral for […]

So You Think You Know Everything There Is to Know About Bail Bonds?

Rolls of money near a court gavel to signify bail

When it comes to posting bail, most people receive their education from television, movies, and Dog the Bounty Hunter reruns. They have a basic understanding of what a bail bond is, but odds are unless they have had to deal with getting one in the real world or work in the criminal justice system, they […]

What Happens to Your Money After You Post Bail?

A gavel placed on top of a stack of money

If you are arrested for an offense, the only way to avoid a lengthy stay in jail as you wait for the case to be decided is to seek bail. A bail bond guarantees the court that the defendant will appear in court during hearings. Should the defendant fail to appear, they lose the bail […]

What Types of Possessions Can Be Used for Bail Collateral?

Judge’s gavel surrounded by various types of currency

You are making plans for your trial date, and what you plan to do during your time in between posting bail and appearing before a judge is often a crucial time for the accused. However, for them to be granted bail and begin to make the most of their time outside, you have to figure […]

What Are the Different Types of Bail?

Gavel, book, and glasses placed near a stack of money

During the lead-up to your trial, if you have the collateral, you can be out on a jail bond — more commonly known as bail — before taking the stand. The process of getting out on bail can be a confusing time for you as you attempt to get out and enjoy the fresh air […]

What Happens After You Sign A Bail Contract?

Person in handcuffs signing a document.

There may come a time when you are asked to sign a bail contract for someone awaiting trial. It may be a relative, a close friend, or a spouse that you feel you have to help out with a bail bond. However, before signing this binding legal contract and posting their bail, there are some […]